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I could no longer carry on with blinkers

"I reached a complete stand still in my life and kept repeating the same patterns. There was so much "stuff" that was coming up all around me from my past and I could no longer carry on with blinkers. Having tried traditional methods before, it was time to try something different and to face/confront these patterns head on. The session I had with Edwina has changed my life. I felt protected and safe during the session (which was important for me) and Edwina said in a few days you may notice "things" start to shift and true to her word, every part of my life that was affected began to change for the better. I do not feel pain, it is more a sense of relief and freedom, of breaking free from my past. I have now made some important decisions in my life and new opportunities have since presented themselves. I have Edwina to thank and myself for taking the courage and for having faith to try something different. I highly recommend Constellations to anyone who wants to see a change for the better take place so quickly and effectively."
M.R.E ( N.Z )


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