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what is family constellation?

Hidden loyalties - An example of hidden loyalty: My parents suffered so much in order to give to me, I dare not have more than them, I dare not be happier then them.


Male Lineage

Mother and daughter

Insomnia and drug addiction

Family constellations and illness

Mental health:
- article on austim

What is family Constellations

Saying 'YES'



S. W ( Sydney)

It was like my life was unfolding before my eyes. The resolution was something I would never have thought possible. It changed my life and relationships The people involved weren't even at the workshop. Amazing!

L. F. (Sydney)

I lived most of my life with the shame of being sexually abused as a child. I have tried so many methods to find some relief and peace, to be able to move on with my life.

Constellations had an impact on my life that I didn't think possible. It has changed my outlook on life, and my relationships. I finally feel I can live the life I now know I deserve.

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