Constellations Explained

Origin of Constellations

The Constellation process was devised by Bert Hellinger, a German therapist and former priest. After leaving the priesthood, he studied psychoanalysis, and eventually developed an interest in Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

He lived for a time among the Massai people in Africa. Hellinger noticed that there were particular orders within the family system that enabled love to flow, and other orders that inhibited love. He also noticed that certain family events from previous generations - sometimes 3 or 4 generations ago - could have an unconscious adverse impact on later generations.

Emily Waymire gives a great introduction to family Constellations

What effect can those patterns have?

The patterns from previous generations can often become embedded in the family behaviours and attitudes that they seem to be 'normal', even when they are destructive. They may be so intimately integrated into our view of who we are that we are unable to see an alternative way of living, loving and relating, and unable to break out of a cycle of behaviour that we no longer want. Those patterns can affect

- relationships with your partner, spouse, or other intimate relationships
- your relationships with your parents and relatives
- your relationships with your children,
- work relationships
- work performance,
- social relationships,
- confidence and self esteem
- success,
- wealth,
- happiness
- health.

If we don't recognise those patterns they can be difficult to change. If we recognise the pattern but are not aware of the dynamic that is causing the pattern, we are likely to go on repeating the pattern despite our attempts to change.

That can be both frustrating and exhausting.

The Constellations process transforms real situations and can impact the entire generational system - past, present and future.

Constellations is an established and well-respected process in Europe and is spreading around the world. It is still relatively new to Australia, with only a small number of practitioners. It is a cutting edge tool that is outstandingly elegant, profound and effective.


- fast and effective
- often only one session is needed per issue (complex issues may require up to 3 or more sessions)
- you don't need the other people in your issue to be present
- cost effective method
- choose group (workshop), private or phone sessions
- can be life changing
- break generations of dysfunctional family patterns
- free your children from negative family behaviours and patterns
- create more peace and love in your life
- create healthy relationships
- return to love
- has been known to break cycles of abuse, disconnection, alienation, dysfunction and poverty
- understand the bigger picture of any life situation

3 ways you can experience Constellation work.

Have a constellation done in a group setting on one of your own issues.

Each person having a constellation has a chance to, state what the situation is they wish to look at one by one, we don't need lengthy history or details. The facilitator will ask you some simple factual questions. You pick people in the group to represent the people of your issue and you sit back and watch as the facilitator works with the constellations as the dynamics unfold. The result can be life changing.

Come along as a representative in a group setting. This way you get to observe other people working through their own situation and you may be asked to be a representative of one of the people of their situation eg: their father, mother, sister, brother, partner, self.

As a representative you can get to experience the dynamic of the constellation, and experience the knowing field. No experience is required, just be open.

Have a private constellation done one-on-one for your own situation. In a private constellation you work one-on-one with the facilitator/s working through your situation. You are in a private room and a safe environment. You have a more active role in the constellation and the results can often be life changing.

What is the difference between a group session and a private session?

Group sessions:
- are the traditional way constellations occurred for years.
- other people participate in your constellation.
- the collective energy and dynamic of the group can be a profound experience for both the
- participant and the person having the constellation done.
- can be very useful when you work on a significant issue and want a major shift in your life.
- the group dynamic can help amplify the energy shift.
- the constellation can move faster when there is a group dynamic at play.
- some people come a long to a group session as a representative first to experience the constellation process.

More details on group sessions:

Private sessions you work one-on-one with the facilitator and you will have a more active role in the constellation than in a group setting.

Private sessions are more accessable if you have something you want to work on now, instead of waiting for the next scheduled group session.

More details on private sessions:


Contact us and talk with us about a phone constellation and if it is right for you.


If you would like to have a constellation please contact us for private sessions or click on the payment details for the group sessions.

* If it is a two day group session you can attend both days for the price of one day.


S. W ( Sydney)

It was like my life was unfolding before my eyes. The resolution was something I would never have thought possible. It changed my life and relationships The people involved weren't even at the workshop. Amazing!

L. F. (Sydney)

I lived most of my life with the shame of being sexually abused as a child. I have tried so many methods to find some relief and peace, to be able to move on with my life.

Constellations had an impact on my life that I didn't think possible. It has changed my outlook on life, and my relationships. I finally feel I can live the life I now know I deserve.

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