Private session

Private sessions are conducted in a private room, with you and the facilitator/s.

If you are having a couples session then both you and your partner/spouse attend the session with the facilitator.

Private sessions can be
- life changing
- dynamic
- more accessible ( don't have to wait for the next group session)
- face to face
- don't need regular sessions for months and years
- the people involved don't need to be present
- don't need the history of the issue
- You work one-on-one with the facilitator and you will have a more active role in the constellation
- than in a group setting.

Private sessions are more accessable if you have something you want to work on now, instead of waiting for the next group session.

Private sessions are face to face in Melbourne and before or after a group session day if interstate.

Benefits and things people have used constellations for Private setting structure:

When having your own Constellation done, you state what situation you want to look at. The facilitator asks you a couple of simple factual questions from a constellations point of view.

You select anchors ( this will be explained in the session) to represent the people involved in your situation and place them in the middle of the room where it feels right and in relation to each other.

The Constellation will start to reveal the hidden dynamics of your situation, this phenomenon is known as the 'Knowing Field'.

The facilitator will help guide the Constellation to a resolution which can be life changing for the client.

As the constellation is unfolding the shift in energy is felt.

You don't need any special skills, just be open.

You can choose to attend a group session as a representative and experience the 'knowing field' or you can have your own Constellation done and experience the group dynamic.


Business constellations can be done in a group setting or privately and works in a similar way to a personal issue.

The dynamics that unfold, may be hidden dynamics within the organisation or the people within it.

In the constellation you may wish to look at things like:
- blocked energy or challenges between employees/employer,
- conflict resolution,
- team work.
- business issues
- leadership issues
- financial issues
- performanace issues


Private sessions:
Constellation $198 (per session - $180 + GST).
Allow 1 - 1 1/2 hrs for a session (must book and pay prior to session)

Group sessions:
$125 if you wish to have a constellation done. (Must book and pay online)
$40 if you wish to be a representative. ($30 if pay online prior to workshop)

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If you would like to have a constellation please contact us for private sessions or click on the payment details for the group sessions.

Contactus and talk with us about a phone constellation and if it is right for you


S. T ( Sydney)

My business was loosing money and clients. After doing a constellation on my business, I was able to see hidden dynamics that I hadn't seen before.

Business is picking up and I have more drive then I have had in a long time.

I have tried counselling and other processes for years. I can’t believe it took only a few constellation sessions and I feel like this issue is resolved and I can get on with my life.

I wish I found constellations years ago.
Thank you

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