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Introduction sessions:

- These introduction sessions are usually 2 1/2hrs in duration.
- We talk about and demonstrate the 3 key principles of Family Constellations - Give and take, belonging and order.
- We will do exercises to give you an experience of the 3 principles, also an experience of being a representative in a constellation.
- Depending on time we may or may not do an actual constellation.
- No prior knowledge required

Constellations workshop 2018:

There are 2 ways to attend either
- have your own constellation done
- Be a representative and help others with their constellation and experience the constellations process

Workshop dates




Saturday 17 Feb Introduction workshop $15 Malvern
Sunday 25 Feb Introduction workshop $15 Wagga Wagga
Sat 17 & Sun 18 March Constellation Full Malvern Space left to represent only
Sat 17 & Sun 18 March Representative - $30 Still space - book in now Malvern Add to Basket
TBC DVD night on constellations and illness TBC  
Sat 23 & Sun 24 June Constellation - $125 Malvern Add to Basket
Sat 23 & Sun 24 June Representative - $30 Malvern Add to Basket
TBC Couples workshop TBC  


The Process of Family Constellations often involves intense emotional experiences. Please read the below disclaimer. You need to accept full responsibility for your participation and processing. You are welcome to this discuss with the facilitator prior to the workshop.

Please note -This process is not meant to replace, but to compliment any medical diagnosis or treatment programs. If you are being treated by a medical or clinical registered practitioner, then they can accompany you in the workshop, free of charge, to provide any additional support (if you need it). It is your responsibility to disclose and discuss any concerns prior to, or on booking.


Private session:

If you would like a one on one session please contact me.

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Photo from 4th Australian constellations intensive in Sydney, with international trainers in the field of constellations.

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